Some of Libby's Art Works
This is the painting that inspired the short story 'Moonlight Mermaid'
acrylics on stretched canvas

Everything Awake - Spring
acrylics on stretched canvas

The Three Graces
oils on stretched canvas
In Greek Mythology, The Three Graces were the three goddesses of joy, charm and beauty.
They were the daughters of Zeus and the water nymph Eurynome.  Their names were Aglaia (splendor), Euphrosyne (mirth) and Thalia (good cheer).
 Kakadu - From Above
(Arnhem Land, N.T.)
oils on stretched canvas

In The Shadows
acrylics on stretched canvas
Inspired by dappled sunlight on thick bushland, next to a large tidal creek.  Port Stephens, New South Wales.
Basket of Quinces

Nobbys @ Newcastle
mixed media on paper
Image:  Clipping from 'Blue Moutainslife' magazine Feb-Mar 2009 edition.

The Empty Nest exhibtion was held December08/January09
at The Central West Women's Health Centre in Bathurst.
Libby is pictured at centre with her husband.
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